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Ariel Demure, the star performer at a club, is moving on to the next big step in her glamorous career. She is trying to find someone talented enough to take her place at the club, but so far none of the auditions are impressing her. Eventually, there's only one candidate left on the list: Brooklyn Gray. Could Brooklyn be the one?Brooklyn arrives for the audition, dressed in street clothes and looking a bit nervous as they glance around. When they realize that they're going to be auditioning in front of the legendary Ariel Demure, they become a bit starstruck. Ariel brings Brooklyn back down to Earth, warning them that she worked really hard to put this club on the map, and she expects Brooklyn to work hard as well.Despite giving Brooklyn such a stern warning, Ariel does show more interest in Brooklyn than she did in the other candidates. She has Brooklyn step under the lights so she can examine them more closely, and gives them some helpful advice about straightening their posture - it will give them better stage presence. Before Ariel can give further advice, first she needs to see what she's working with, so she asks Brooklyn to get onto the stage and sing.Brooklyn begins to sing, causing Ariel to smile at their lovely voice. Brooklyn's singing becomes more confident, and as they reach the crescendo of the song, the shot of Brooklyn in street clothes changes to the same shot but with Brooklyn now in a gorgeous costume for a dress rehearsal, sounding much more self-assured as they belt out the last chorus. Their posture and body language fit with the song beautifully, as if having great stage presence has become second nature for them. It's clear that time has passed, andthat they've learned a lot from Ariel.When the song ends, Ariel - who is also now in costume - applauds, and gives Brooklyn a congratulatory kiss. Ariel will be leaving the club soon, but at least she knows the place will be in good hands with Brooklyn around. Before Ariel and Brooklyn part ways, they decide to give each other one last fond memory by making love on the stage.

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