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SCENE OPENS on the entrance of a modern ad agency. Rachel (Korra Del Rio), a glamorous and affluent woman, dangles a boutique bag on her arm as she approaches the door. She loves seeing her husband's DD initials on the sign and runs her fingers along the etching with great satisfaction. She confidently enters the building. Inside the lobby, Rachel greets the receptionist, telling her that she wanted to come and surprise her husband for lunch. The receptionist politely informs Rachel that Dwight is on a conference call. He shouldn't be more than a few minutes. Rachel decides to wait in the lobby. A few moments later, a low-level account manager, Connor (Pierce Paris), walks in from his lunch break and begins to talk to the receptionist. Noticing Rachel sitting there, he studies her legs, fingers, cleavage, and lips, fixating on her. He becomes so distracted that he barely hears the receptionist talking to him. It's obvious that Connor is attracted to Rachel, though he tries to keep his cool. At first, he finds an excuse to linger at the reception desk before he decides to approach her and make awkward conversation. Even though they had met briefly before, Rachel doesn't remember him but tries to be polite. Encouraged and obviously thinking she remembers him, Connor goes on to speak candidly. As they chat, Rachel mentions the new agency. Connor looks confused and asks what she means. She casually explains what her husband has been telling her about for weeks: the spinoff agency he is creating with one of their former competitors. How he will be hand picking a team of the best creatives to run it. Connor listens to this eagerly, the wheels in his head turning. He knows for a FACT that Dwight's other partners hate that competitor and would never agree to this. It must be a self-serving side hustle. Connor smiles, hiding the fact that he is seething inside. Mr. Daniels (Dale Savage) abruptly enters the reception area and greets his wife. Connor manages a smile and watches the happy couple walk out the door. Dwight gives his wife's ass a loving squeeze as they leave and Connor's eyes narrow. His expression darkens.CUT TO TITLE Several days later, Rachel relaxes by the pool in her bikini, trying to soak up the last of the day's rays when she hears the doorbell ring. She's not expecting anyone, but throws on a sheer robe and walks into the house. The front door opens to reveal Connor standing there clutching a small black canvas bag. Rachel is surprised but Connor assures her that he is just here to drop something off for Mr. Daniels. Rachel feels uncomfortable but still doesn't want to seem rude, so she lets him inside and calls for her husband. Dwight enters the room and sees Connor standing there. Dwight is furious, demanding to know why Connor is at his home.Connor takes a deep breath and clears his throat, gently tapping the bag. 'I'm here,' he says slowly. 'To have sex with your wife.' Dwight lunges at Connor, who quickly backs up and unzips the bag, removing Dwight's laptop from it. Connor explains that he hacked Dwight's computer and now has evidence of a multitude of misdeeds that Dwight has perpetrated. Rachel swoops in and demands to know if any of it is true? Dwight starts to show signs of becoming flustered, though tries to hide it behind his alpha exterior. Connor continues to detail the extent of his discovery to the stunned wife. Rachel cannot believe what she's hearing, as Dwight doubles down on his blustering behavior, defending himself even more while antagonizing Connor. But the more he rants, the more Rachel clearly sees that her husband has indeed done what he's accused of. She looks betrayed, then furious. She turns on Dwight and chews him out, telling him that he's just making things WORSE by speaking. If he keeps this up, they're going to lose EVERYTHING because of Dwight's stupidity. She tells Dwight to sit down and shut up. If he wants to ever see her again, he's going to have to stay there and face the consequences for what he's done. Rachel's going to give Connor what he wants...and her husband's going to watch every second of it...

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